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Technological Park (Boecillo)

Valladolid Technological Park is situated in the municipality of Boecillo, 15 kilometers away from the capital, communicated by motorway and sited in a dense pine forest, which results to be a privileged surrounding environment. Nowadays it extends on an area of 118 hectares fully operational.

After 20 years, this park is the main reference of the industrial and technological land in Castilla and Leon. The Science and Technology park association of Spain (APTE) has recognized this Technology Park as one of the first technological places in Spain, as well as one of the most specialized in information and communication technology.

Boecillo's Technological Park has changed the economical geography of the region of Castilla and Leon, giving it an image of modernity as well as being a national and international opening line, which has established itself as an I+D+i approaching channel for businesses in the region and for society in general.

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Access to the park is restricted to Enterprise workers and authorized visitors. Access to the park in a non-standard time (20h-7h) is monitored by Park security personnel.

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